Life Changes Suddenly


Some today could testify to this, and you could say this is true. Things can be moving along and an instant life can change. Then on the other side of that coin, we need to be reminded that our hope and our anchor needs to be the Lord Jesus Christ. If you put your hope and anything else when life does change, and you can say as David I am as a broken vessel, I feel like I’ve lost my usefulness. I feel like I’ve lost my value. I feel like I’ve lost my purpose. Your anchor and your hope need to be in the right place.

Friend, that’s why we as Christians, we need to be thinking of this.  We say look how wonderful everything is going according to plan. You say I don’t need to be in the scripture like I thought I could; I don’t need to be anchored into the house of God like I thought I would need to in life. Friend, life changes very quickly. Health changes. Finances change. The family unit changes. In an instant, your hope better be in the right places.

Life changes suddenly.

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by pastor greg neal

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