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I Am Greg Neal

Welcome to my blog.

Much thought and prayer went into the decision to launch this endeavor. I have been encouraged by friends to share more of my thoughts on a regular basis. I have been dissuaded by my own fears not to put myself out there for the criticism that certainly will follow when you regularly post online. The Internet is certainly a contrast where good and evil fight each other constantly. I have learned through observation that if you want to make friends start a blog and if you want to make enemies start a blog. My goal is neither but I am preparing myself for the inevitable.

So who am I? Well, I am a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a pastor, a writer, amateur historian, and an avid reader.

Positionally I am an independent fundamental Baptist.

I was born into all three. Unlike some who were born in the same categories, I have come to embrace each one of these for myself. Let me explain.

I am a Baptist.

You won’t see me taking Baptist off of my church anytime soon, well actually ever. Baptist defines the Christianity that I embrace. My roots do not go back to a split. They go back to the New Testament church. While I do not espouse the idea that only Baptist go to heaven, I would say that they enjoy their trip more.

I am a fundamentalist.

Let me make this clear so you understand. I do not merely embrace the fundamentalism that was defined by a small group of men a few decades ago. I believe that fundamentalism espouses far more than just eight or ten tenants.

Fundamentalists have always existed in the New Testament church. They are the ones who have always adhered strictly to the Scriptures and the fundamentals of the faith. They have not always agreed in application but they have agreed in principle.

I happen to be an old-fashioned fundamentalist. If you want to trace my roots, well I am a Lee Roberson, Tom Malone, Jack Hyles, Lester Roloff fundamentalist. There, I have labeled myself and probably lost a few readers in the process.

I am independent.

I did not say I am not dependent. Anyone who says they are not dependent is not necessarily an independent. I depend on my wife to make my meals and take care of me. (I am pretty much helpless without her) I depend on my staff to help me accomplish the work of our ministry. I depend on my mentors to guide me in making the right decisions and choices.

Of course, most of all I depend on God’s word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. When I say I am independent, it merely means that I am not controlled by any group or denomination. Oh, and that would include any organized group of independents.

I am independent of independents. I fellowship with whom I choose but I refuse to organize my fellowship into some type of group.

I cannot conclude this introduction of myself without saying the most important thing of all.

I am a born again Christian and I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I trust that everything I say I will bring honor and glory to His name. My goal is to please Him with my life so that one day I can say with Paul that I finished my course having fought a good fight and having kept the faith.

So now you know me a bit better.

I hope you have decided to give me a chance to share my thoughts with you. You may not read every word I write and I certainly expect you not to agree with every word. So my new adventure begins. I kinda feel the way I feel when the roller coaster is slowly making its first climb up the hill. I know that I am in for some bumps and scary turns but I think I’m ready. I hope you are too.

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